Rebar & Accessories

Rebar is the structural component of concrete foundations, structures, and paving.  At RSS, rebar is a huge piece of what we do, and we do it really well!  Each of our four locations has the equipment and man-power on site to produce fabricated rebar in an accurate and timely manner to meet you specific needs.  And, of course, we have straight bar in 20 and 40 footers cut to any length you like, and we stock wire mesh sheets.  We will deliver to your jobsite or yard as needed.  RSS will provide estimating, detailing, and in-house tracking to ensure deliveries are made as scheduled.

To make sure the rebar is positioned as per the Engineer's design, we stock a complete line of bar supports including chairs, bricks, bolsters, spacer wheels, and pier boots.  Let us put together a complete package including all rebar, mesh, and supports to make your job just a little easier.  Call us, we can help!

Straight Bar
  • #3 to #11
  • 20’,40’, & 60’
  • Custom Lengths cut to size

Fabricated Bar
  • Stocking Inventory of Stirrups, Corner Bars & Circles
  • Custom Fabricated to meet your specifications
Bar Supports
  • High Chairs
  • Mesh Chairs
  • Beam Bolsters
  • Slab Bolsters
  • Spacer Wheels
  • Pier Sleds

“No job too large or too small”